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Ningbo Winbang Electronics Co.,Ltd is located in Ningbo, near the major ports of Ningbo and Shanghai. Thanks to the good location, we are able to take advantage of the excellent geographical environment, which is extremely convenient and efficient for transportation by air or sea to our customers. In addition, it is very convenient to sell our products to many incorporations in various places.

The Ningbo Port is one of the four major international deep transshipment ports in China. It is a multifunctional port that consists of the entire harbor areas of Ningbo, Zhenhai, and Beilun, and is used as a waterway harbor port of entry. Ningbo Port is equipped with big, middle, and small berths and has an astonishing sixty-one berths between 5000 and 25 displacement tons. Currently ranked the second best harbor in mainland China, the port also handles 800 million tons of cargo each year and has established business relations with nearly 500 harbors in more than 80 other countries and regions.

The location of Ningbo Winbang Electronics Co.,Ltd. on the Ningbo Port is beneficial to our customers, and we guarantee that the reliability of our location itself ensures quick transport, on-time delivery and service to each of our customers.

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