2021 008E New design LCD screen Adjustable air purifier Ozone Output 20g ozone generator

Item NO.: WB-EOZ20-008E


Product Description:

Type: 220V/110V
Output Ozone: 20g/h
Item Size: 275 * 185 * 185mm / 10.8 * 7.3 * 7.3in
Item Weight: 2640g / 5.82lb
Package Size: 332 * 233 * 232mm / 13.1 * 9.2 * 9.1in
Package Weight: 2850g / 6.3lb

Normally using this ozone generator for 10 to 30 minutes each time, if using it for more than 30 minutes, it better to use an electrical fan.
Strictly forbid people working in the room with ozone in high concentration. The output high voltage is dangerous. You are strictly forbidden to touching it in any way when it is working.
Clean the ceramic plate with ethyl alcohol every month, and use it when it fully dry. In this way, to guarantee normal ozone yield.


Package List:
1 * Ozone Generator

1* Telecontroller

1 * Manual