About Winbang

Ningbo Winbang Electronics Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier. Our main products include various electronic products and household products. Such as dehumidifier, humidifier, air purifier, shoe dryer,...


Here you can see on our Winbang's new products, exhibition information, and our industry-related information ect...

China Canton Fair 2019 5.2 G18


Date: Oct 15th to 19th,2019 Will attend the famous China Canton Fair in 2019. New inventions coming as usual.

Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2016


Date: April 13th to 16th,2016 The electronics fair was held in Hong Kong. As the largest electronic exhibition

Custom Made Plastic Products Transported to USA


On 18th Mar,2016,we send out 50,000pcs customer made drop-in moisture absorbing Tab to USA, this is the first order fr

China Canton Fair


Date: Oct 15th to 19th,2016 Attend the famous China Canton Fair in 2016 and will bring our new invention.